In-Person Counseling

Online family therapy, crisis intervention, resiliency training, marriage therapy, & more

Good therapy is finding your person and talking about things whether that's with another professional therapist, or with me. Find your person and start unpacking what you've been battling alone.

First Responder Families
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Psychotherapy for
Trauma & Grief Recovery,
Especially for First Responders

At First Responder Families, we offer online therapy and counseling for trauma and grief recovery. We primarily focus on first responders (EMT, Police, Fire) and their families. We conduct our sessions through Zoom, TeleHelp, and which is a HIPAA compliant, digital-meeting platform. We currently offer in-person counseling.

Psychiatric Assistance to Release Your Pain

Are you feeling anxious? Are you coping with the loss of your loved ones? It’s time to stop feeling disconnected and get in touch with someone who can help you overcome these challenges. At First Responder Families, our experienced team offers counseling and psychiatric assistance to make you feel better and live a peaceful life.

First Responder Families

Why Choose Us

  • Open to all types of clients, does not discriminate
  • Counseling for anyone who needs help
  • Learn from a first responder (also a veteran) experience
  • In-person training sessions for trauma and grief recovery
  • Experienced, empathetic counselors